Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Red Army and their forgotten millions

Russia suffered around 27 million deaths in The War, the most casualties of any ally nation. Sometimes it seems these millions of people have been forgotten by much of the west. I was brought up to think that the great Mr Churchill combative leadership and the superior resources of the Americans liberated Europe from the Nazi Occupation and on the side there was some USS something or rather. Well now that I have read some books written by well known historians, like Rising '44, I have realised how much the USSR sacrificed to win The War. They held the Eastern Front alone while the British and Americans held a smaller front to the south and west. The crushing victories at Stalingrad and Moscow shows how strong the Red Army were. But do we ever hear these tales told? No, not really. Thousands of farmers, men and woman, took to the Nazis with pitch forks and spades in the freezing Russian winter, though somewhat hopelessly, shows how resilient this race of people were. Basically, the Red Army took it to the Nazis on the Eastern Front, with no help from the Americans or British, driving them back towards Berlin. Most people have an understanding that one of the worst death camps, Auschwitz, was liberated by the Americans, but really it was the Red Army that drove the Nazis beyond that point allowing the Americans to take the camp. Now that it is the anniversary of V.E. day we should take time to remember not only the British and American contribution but also the 27 million that the USSR gave to the cause. These 27 million souls should never be forgotten.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Rant about poor old Jews

Yes lots of Jews got gassed when the Nazis where everywhere but hey that was 60 odd years ago. I think its time they got over this victim mentality and just got on with life. I'm sick of hearing that millions of Jews got gassed etc etc, its been fuken said like a million times. And don't give me that "oh, its so people can learn from past mistakes" bs. you say it once or twice and most people will remember it but for those numb skulls that commit genocide no matter how much u say it they still gonna do it and its still gonna happen, its just the way some people are. So the point is, stop hammering it in cause people just get sick of it and lose sympathy, just like if the Nazis only gassed say 3 Jews then it wont be such a big deal but to gas ppl again and again in relatively large quantities made it unacceptable, the same applies here: bring the issue up in moderation cause ppl hate broken records.

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

To start off: Iraq....

Iraq, the piece of cheese that was just too tempting for that rat called Bush to resist despite the giant shadow of the mouse trap looming over him. Hey, who can blame him, cheese can do funny things to our minds especially if that mind if the size of a peanut. Anyway, now that they have gone in and caught Saddam, I guess all is good, and the US can have some oil for all the hard work. But Jesus Christ! The deserters in their military should be banished to working in the oil fields for all eternity. Why the hell do people sign up for the army? To follow orders from your superiors no matter how mad, revolting or immorally it maybe. If you cant do that then WHY JOIN THE ARMY IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU TOSSER. All your doing is causing low morale in your regiment and making it harder for everyone else to cope. If you want to be all rebellious, join the insurgents and blow your ass up, at least you'll be doing everyone a favour. The point is, the army is about starting small, kissing your superiors ass and moving up the ranks, not start small and disobey orders and cause low morale.

People need to stop crying about this war. Its already begun so the best thing you could do is not sulk on your couch muttering under your breath. Get behind your damn country and the soldiers that are fighting for you. For Christ sake be a bit patriotic and positive, I mean its not like getting rid of Saddam was such a bad thing anyway. Yes they went in for the oil too but let just consider it a reward rather than an objective. The people you should be mad at are those crazies that keep blowing themselves up so they can basically kill as many of their country men as possible. They are the toe rags that should be feeling your wrath, not the hard serving soldiers or that rat called Bush. You could probably be excused for taking shots at the administration before the war but now that its begun all that is pointless. This is where blind faith can be a good thing.

Another point is the human rights of the captured insurgents. They shouldn't have any right to be frank, none, nada, nil, zilch, naught, zero. The basic criteria for being eligible for human rights is that you have to be human. Well that rules them out. If the US catches one, the scum should be herded together with other insurgents in a small room. Strap one of them with as much c4 as you can find and detonate. Video tape it and broad cast it on that Algezera tele channel. I bet Osama would be proud of that if it wasn't his puppets getting blown to bits. The point is these suicide bombers are really the lowest of the low, scumiest of the scum. They belong in toilet cleaners and paint thinners.

Tony Blair just got re-elected which basically means bush has been re-elected. I mean I wouldn't be surprised if you find them sleeping in the same bed in the Neverland Ranch.

that about sums up Iraq and the main parties involved. Did this post piss you off? Well please post a comment and I'll see if your a retard.

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